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PODCAST: When Less May Be More

Tweak #078 - We're exploring two principles of signage in our bookstores. In this first episode of two, we're editing the signs by reducing the quantity and helping people keep their focus on browsing and learning, rather than discarding and deciding. 

Join us on this journey of constant adaptation and discovery – where retail rules are bent and a whole new world of connection and creativity awaits!


Inside view of Multiverse Bookstore
Multiverse Bookstore - Philadelphia, PA

The photos show Multiverse – a new comic and sci-fi bookstore in Philly – without any signage in or on their bookshelves. In this issue, the photos are large, allowing you to really check out this beautiful, signless store.Images credit: Kielinski Photographers

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Fully merchandised bookshelves at Multiverse without any signage.
Multiverse Bookstore - Philadelphia, PA

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