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Plenty Downtown Bookshop

A registered nonprofit, Plenty has a strong love for the community, with enthusiastic workshop and book club participation.


"Through our manufacturing work with Franklin Fixtures – where we make shelves for bookstores – Lisa and I have a front-row seat to the difference small bookshops across the country are making. We wanted to add to the other great things going on in our downtown." 

– Dave Uhrik, Owner

All About PLENTY

We curate. We connect. And we make it cozy.

As a nonprofit, this is your bookshop -- it belongs to the community and exists for community and neighborhood development that is grounded in a love of books.  

Every dollar that you invest or spend here supports the continuation of the bookshop in our downtown, and all four of our programs/missions. When you buy a book or make a donation to Plenty, you're part of this: 

We want to help every child read and every parent and grandparent be able to read with them. We may think we do not know anyone who struggles to read, but statistically, it is likely that you love someone who cannot read a children's book (3 in 10 adults Tennessee cannot read a children's book to a child). And 4 out of 10 adults cannot read well enough to fully participate in society. There are one billion people on the planet who suffer from the disease of illiteracy and when 60% of poverty households do not have a SINGLE book in the home -- we see a connection between poverty and reading, between dealing with life's problems and reading.

There are book "deserts" across the country and that is not because people cannot find a book, but perhaps because we have not elevated books as important to a life of Plenty. We want to value books as lifelong treasures and create a culture that understands the mental, spiritual, emotional and even physical benefits of reading at every age. 

Downtown Cookeville is the perfect space to relax, browse, and discover new books with the addition of PLENTY downtown bookshop. We have a great variety of titles, from current bestsellers to paperback beach reads to beautiful hardcover collectable classics (one of our particular favorite sections!). Pair your next book with a beautiful fountain pen or a greeting card from our stationary collection, or some delicious tea. PLENTY also has a large children's section filled with books, puzzles, games, puppets, and other excellent toys. 


Visit Plenty online at or in person at 48 West Broad Street in downtown Cookeville.

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