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Listen now! 2 Minute Podcasts with Practical Solutions

Franklin co-owner Lisa Uhrik brings a small idea that makes a big impact in a small, two minute package. Dozens of free Two Minute Tweak episodes are ready for listening! These bite-size podcasts were designed to help you up your display game and deal with the unexpected (e.g., lessons from Lisa's bookstore floodings, staffing challenges, merchandising, etc.).

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Fixtures at Work

We recommend starting with this video!

This 13+ minute video focuses on helping bookstore owners understand and select their silent workforce - fixtures. We make display fixtures that function like the best hire you ever made! 

Shelving and fixtures are the bones of your store. Planning a strong internal structure isn't something you can skip over. Call or email us to learn more!

PBS: Crafted in TN

Franklin Fixtures, LLC has been manufacturing display fixtures for businesses all across the country, but new owners decided to purchase the northeast based company and move it to Cookeville with the aim of bringing more craft career options to the Upper Cumberland.

Fixture Testimony

River Bend Bookshop is an independent bookstore located in Glastonbury (CT) town center. "We are so proud of our new storefront at 2217 Main Street. This store is yours... The shelves were custom designed for our unique space (built in 1863), and I hand selected the nearly 6,000 titles we carry," writes owner Meghan Hayden on the store's website.

Nothing makes us happier than a happy customer! Thank you for choosing us to make your store fixtures!

Spontaneous Shout-Out

Pam and Peter give a spontaneous shout out to Story & Song Bookstore Bistro for being “the best thing to happen to Amelia Island.” Franklin Fixtures is proud to be part of this great bookstore with shelving that helps frame the magic.

Magic City Books

Magic City Books is an independent bookstore owned by the Tulsa Literary Coalition, a nonprofit corporation. As with all local retailers (#shoplocal), when you make a purchase from Magic City Books you are doing something good for your community. At Franklin Fixtures we're proud to support independent bookstores and retailers who give back to their communities in so many ways.

More Than Words

A short employee video from More Than Words, filmed after working with Franklin Fixtures to create some reclaimed Douglas Fir magic for the new Boston bookstore. Book carts, wall tables, single sided shelves and movable fixtures will work with ease and also give a warm and timeless vibe in this new space.

GHTA Keynote Intro

Presentation Overview: What gives retail its sense of place? What makes customers linger, touch and buy? The answers are rooted in timeless pattern languages, used for centuries across the globe. Offering an insightful and fresh research perspective on what makes retail spaces work & what engages customers, developmental psychologist and display expert, Lisa Uhrik, will provide strategies that you'll recognize and own before you leave the room.

Lisa Uhrik: Franklin Fixtures President & 2019 Gift & Home Keynote Speaker

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