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The Franklin Fixtures of the Month: "More Than Words" Gets Reclaimed Magic

Updated: Apr 15

Jennifer and her team wanted something different. Out of the box. Sustainable. Fresh. Reclaimed. Could she get that AND the Franklin Fixtures functionality, flexibility and durability everyone talks about?

Yes. She could and she did.

Mobility, movable shelves, angulation to meet the eye, waist high shopping and levels of display – all part of the magic formula for the fixtures at More Than Words.

Like so many of our great customers, Jennifer Herbert is an exemplary activist, visionary and store leader who knew what she wanted:

“As a part of the More Than Words expansion in Boston’s South End neighborhood, we committed to creating a truly unique Bookstore and Social Enterprise Marketplace run by youth! Our youth and adult team wanted to create a warm and inviting space for customers to shop for books and experience community."

The team wanted something really different, fresh and they were taken with the distinctive look of reclaimed Douglas Fir. And they got it! Working with designer Kate Whouley and Franklin's Christine Hart, a innovative collaboration was born.

Says Jennifer, "Franklin Fixtures was the perfect partner to help us make our vision happen with beautiful custom millwork made from reclaimed Douglas Fir, sourced from a local company, Longleaf Lumber in Cambridge MA."

The Franklin functionality of movable shelves, eternally strong and stable units, angulation, stable mobility and easy-shopping wall tables is all there – sustainably built and clad elegantly in the reclaimed Douglas Fir with the help of unsung installation hero (and Franklin Fixtures veteran) Allan Roubillard.

"Being willing to think outside of the box and work with the MTW team, Franklin Fixtures helped us create a truly one-of-a-kind bookstore experience that is surrounded by the history and natural beauty of reclaimed wood shelves. The shelves not only highlight the amazing and beautiful book selection, but they frame the space where our youth do the day in day out hard work of overcoming barriers and moving their lives forward!"

Both Franklin Fixtures and More Than Words are on a mission -- to help develop people and to be among the companies best for the world, so choosing sustainable reclaimed wood clad onto Franklin's green core was a worthy design challenge.

"We are grateful to Franklin Fixtures for joining us on this journey, being a part of making our vision for a beautiful bookstore come to life and joining in the More Than Words Movement!”

If you'd like more information about how you can put this kind of beauty to work in your store, please contact Lisa Uhrik. Franklin Fixtures hold asset value as 20 year properties (something no other bookshelf can do) and function like no other. The reclaimed aesthetic is timeless and Franklin has found a way to make that safe, functional, highly flexible (movable shelves, feature face out shelves that bring books to the light and avoid those bookstands), mobile units (everything can move – it just has to be the right height and width for stability when loaded with books) and beautiful.

"We're so proud of all this store is accomplishing and feel privileged to be part of it." - the Franklin Fixtures team. "For us as for them, this is truly about more – than words."

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