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Wall Table with Display

Wall tables are a one of the most versatile options for bookstores. They incorporate a bookcase with a table top display. They are a ideal for perimeters and walls. Read below for options that can make them meet your specific retail needs.


Scroll through the images above, click to view the full image in a popup. We've got some amazingly beautiful wall tables to show you!

Most Common Size is 84"H x 48"W x 18"D

These fixtures are extremely budget-friendly. Standard configurations include 5 "T" shelves with 8-1/2" usable shelf depth and 5" H shelf back. 

Fixtures can be ordered in nearly any combination of heights, widths, and depths. The depth of a fixture will affect the usable shelf depth of its shelves and occasionally the type of shelf which can be used.



  • Slatwall Finished Back

  • Slatwall Interior Back

  • Finished Back

  • Overlay Table Top

  • Decorative Molding

  • Recessed Metal Standards

  • Valance

  • Wired or Unwired Light

  • Storage Shelves

  • Wood/Glass Sliding/Hinged Doors

  • Drawers

  • Understock

  • Also available with Tapered End Panels

  • Hardware in a variety of colors and finishes

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