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Let's Talk Fixtures!

Updated: Feb 29

Sometimes we need to see the ideas and successes of others to help get our creative juices flowing. Here are some of our most popular fixture considerations:

An Octagonal Table:

Perhaps our most versatile and highly lauded fixture, this 8-sided merchandising genius helps you use all of the space under, above and all around. Replace a regular table with one of these work horses and see the merchandise fly.

(Octagonal shown at See Which Books)

An LP Browser with Storage!

A fresh take on a classic for LPs, calendars or other browsy things. This castered fixture glides into place and features face out specials via the slatwall on the side. It's groovy.

Magnetic Spinner (fits everywhere!)

It's time. Time to let go of some of those wire spinners and make your cards and other merchandise POP with a spinner that puts things together. Use an acrylic cascade for cards, add some little gifts, sell the dickens out of those MAGNETS that get people all giggly.

This little gem on wheels looks classy and integrates merchandise and cards in a unique way.

Single or Double Sided Tapered Cases:

Pictured as double sided: these can be several widths, depths and heights and tuck neatly into an under-utilized space. Add casters if you've a need for speedy (and safe!) transitions. Replace a table or poorly performing fixture with one of these gems in one of 9 standard colors.

Feature Face-out Shelves:

Specify your width and color and watch the books fly. Face outs look special, get touched and will sell. Ask Story and Song (pictured)--- Feature Face Outs are a secret sauce. It's been an Indie best practice for a long time --- and that wanna-be online bookseller (which shall remain nameless) has the practice in place in all of their brick and mortars. This is one of the easiest ways to make a big and fast change for little investment.

A Double-Sided Case on Casters:

Easy peasy and ready for events. Make your space more versatile and stock another 400 or so books with a double sided case that is built to glide (SAFELY) with the height and weight of books. You can't just add casters (safely) to an existing case. You need one built for them. Straight or tapered...these are great workers.

It's free: Let's talk about YOU.... we offer free 30 minute consultations to any Indie Bookseller. Let's talk about how to grow your store in 2020! Contact me (Lisa) for direction and I'll match you with the right partner for help.

Blessings, belief and bountiful book-selling to you,

Lisa Uhrik

Franklin Fixtures, LLC

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