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Retail display shelves, tables, display cabinets, bookcases, work counters, gondolas, micro markets, slatwall and more. Since 1974, we've been the gold standard in retail display fixtures. Independent retailers who bought our products 30 years ago are still using them. We enjoy being part of that kind of success. ​

Made in America with sustainable, green methods and materials by skilled people in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. We're growing craftspersons, growing stores and growing communities. 

Expanding or relocating? You've got more financial options than you think.

What Makes Franklin Fixtures Right for My Store?

We are your one-stop resource for quality, built-to-order retail display fixtures, bookshelves, POS systems, tables and more. Our unique FranklinFlex Design System™ enables you to create custom-quality retail selling environments without the custom price tag by blending a wide variety of standard, modified, and custom fixtures that are built-to-order in your choice of any material or finish. It also includes services ranging from store layout to complete project management.

The FranklinFlex Design System offers the industry’s largest selection of pre-engineered fixture designs. It is an easy-to-use, flexible design library from which you can choose an infinite variety of fixtures, options, accessories, and modifications. Pre-engineered designs virtually eliminate the costs associated with starting from scratch every time you request a fixture modification. This means your store can have a custom look that differentiates you from your competition — without custom prices.

The value found in the expertise and reliability of our staff is a vital component of our system as well. At Franklin Fixtures, we do not ask you to compromise your store around our limitations; we build fixtures that suit your needs and enhance your retail selling environment.

Improve Your Bottom Line With The FranklinFlex Design System™
Generate A Rapid Return On Your Fixture Investment. The FranklinFlex Design System is the result of over forty years of research and development. Our display fixtures increase your sales and profits and generate a more rapid payback on your fixturing investment.
Customers often report sales gains of 15-40% after they replace poorly-designed and inflexible fixtures with fixtures from the FranklinFlex Design System. The built-in flexibility of our fixtures makes it easy for your staff to create effective, exciting displays that enable you to display anything, anywhere, anytime in your store, increasing sales while improving employee productivity. Ultimately, Franklin Fixtures pay for themselves.

Keep Expenses Down With Services At Little Or No Cost.

We realize that many of our customers cannot afford their own design and project management departments. The FranklinFlex Design System includes professional project management at little or no cost. You can focus on planning and operating your business while our retail specialists relieve you of the expense and burden of the fixturing process. We are prepared to provide:

   - Complete Turn-Key                 - Project Management

   - Store Planning & Layout         - Merchandising & Display Consultation

   - Custom Fixture Design           - Value Engineering

   - Site Surveys & Preparation     - Outsourcing

   - Warehousing                            - Installation

Reduce Labor Costs Associated With Shipping And Assembly.

Your Franklin Fixtures are shipped blanket-wrapped and fully assembled, eliminating the costs of uncrating and disposing of packing materials and assembling the fixtures.

Retain the Value Of Your Fixture Investment.
Franklin Fixtures retain their value because they are wellbuilt and durable. Our philosophy has always been to offer you competitive pricing by cutting our costs, not by cutting corners. Our fixtures also offer you superior reusability because they are modular and can be re-configured or moved easily to a new location. Your Franklin fixtures will be of service for many years to come.

Standard Designs 

Our standard designs are illustrated in our catalog, located on the Resources page. Beautiful and well-built, they are the most cost effective because they have been pre-engineered and include numerous standard options and accessories.

Modified Designs 

With the FranklinFlex Design System, it is easy to modify our Standard Designs to create a custom look without the demands of custom work. We can make dimensional, functional and aesthetic modifications to any standard design.

Custom Designs 

Custom Designs may be required for truly one-of-a-kind display requirements. The Franklin craftspeople build these fixtures from designs created by us, by you, or by your architects and designers.

Our Customers

Since 1974, Franklin Fixtures has successfully served thousands of customers of all kinds:

   - Independent Booksellers

   - Specialty Retailers

   - Museum & Visitor Center Stores
   - College & University Stores

   - Public Libraries
   - Chains and Multiple-Store Owners
   - Architects and Designers
   - Point-of-Purchase Display Providers


We offer our built-to order fixtures in any size, shape, material, or finish. This creates a very large and complicated price list. For the convenience of our customers, we quote prices based on their requirements. Please give us a call or email us at We'll be happy to discuss your project.


Join this maker space where professionals work efficiently to produce shelving, display, counter systems, tables and specialty wood fixtures. To apply, submit your resume or complete the application and email to Prefer a more personal method? We welcome you to drop it off at by our main office. 

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