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Display Tables & Browser Bins

Franklin Tables prominently display a broad selection of merchandise - from books to jewelry - and are offered with a wide variety of options. Scroll down to learn more about our tables: nesting, octagonal, tier, cube, browsers and custom tables!

Lisa's Visual Merchandising tip:
Waist high, watch it fly!

Children and adults engage at waist height. It's a measurable thing. Not 6" below, not above, but in that magic land that makes it easy to both touch & see. 


Octagonal tables are fun as well as functional. They allow for a large amount of product to be displayed in a variety of ways -- table top, shelf, and slatwall -- while maintaining a small footprint. Adding a tabletop riser (shown in center image) greatly increases product visibility.

Franklin octagonal tables feature the following options:

  • Your mix of slatwall and storage shelves

  • Casters

  • Beveled, rounded, or square table top edges

  • Tabletop riser 

  • Multiple material and finish options

Cube Tables

The name"cube" table is a bit misleading, as these tables are available as a rectangule as well as in a tapered configuration. However, cube shaped is most commonly ordered. 

The number and mix of options available on these tables make for a truly custom fixture without a custom price tag.

Franklin "cube" tables feature the following options:

  • Table top elements

    • well top​

    • removable rim

  • Table bottom elements​

    • hinged or sliding doors​

    • drawers

    • storage and/or display shelves

  • Heavy-duty casters ​

  • Multiple material and finish options

Tier Tables

Tier tables are best suited to merchandise in an area where they can be accessed from all angles -- the center of a sales floor or near an isle, for example. These tables prevent over-stacking and allow the different products to each have their own spotlight.

Franklin nesting tables feature the following options:

  • Oval, circle, square, rectangular, or beveled shape

  • Heavy-duty casters

  • Multiple material and finish options

Standalone & Nesting Tables

Standalone and nesting tables are an affordable and effective way to promote multiple products in your retail store design.

The versatile nature of the nesting table design allows you to increase and decrease the surface space of your merchandising tables depending on your current merchandising needs and store layout.


Franklin standalone and nesting tables feature the following options:

  • Countless leg options such as trestle style, tapered panels, turned legs, tapered legs, and mission legs

  • Beveled, rounded, or square corners

  • Your choice of riser size

  • Multiple material and finish options