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Design & Planning

There's no wrong way to get started. Our customers come to us with architectural drawings, napkin sketches, partner with Paz or lean on us to help them come up with the best layout. No two stores are the same! 

In addition to our fixtures being the best in the market, our team is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful! 

  • Dave Uhrik, Jr has brought hundreds of stores to life in the last 9 years with Franklin Fixtures. He is  skilled at keeping you in budget while giving you the store you've been dreaming of. His main focus is bookstores and comic stores.

  • Cory Stephens' main focus is chain and non-standard designs (including Lodge Cast Iron and convenience stores). Cory's fixture design knowledge stems from being our production manager for several years and seeing first hand how things go together and what work – and what doesn't.

  • Christine Hart has 30 years of furniture builder knowledge, studies in architecture, in addition to decades of experience designing stores with Franklin Fixtures. If you need fixtures with flair or are wanting to match a certain design style, she would be your perfect project manager.

  • Our engineer, David Troe, has over 30 years in engineering display fixtures with zero in-store safety issues (that means our fixtures are safe around kids and absent-minded adults alike!). We're beyond lucky to have his brain behind our fixtures!

Let's talk about bringing your perfect store to life. Contact us today!

For those looking to get started with their own independent bookstore, we highly recommend
Paz & Associates.

From Concept to Reality, Franklin Fixtures makes it happen!
Still North Books - Hanover, NH

Still North was beautifully designed by Kate Whouley, Christine Hart & Allie Levy.

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