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Design & Planning

We're proud to offer you several ways to help you with your store design and fixture planning.

While all of our people are quite knowledgeable, we would be remiss if we didn't specifically mention these two:

  • In-house we have our very own Christine Hart, with 30 years of furniture builder knowledge and studies in architecture.

  • Our engineer, David Troe, also has over 30 years in engineering display fixtures with zero in-store safety issues (that means our fixtures are safe around kids and absent-minded adults alike!).

Contact us today by sending a quick email to

For those looking to get started with their own independent bookstore, we highly recommend
Paz & Associates.

From Concept to Reality, Franklin Fixtures makes it happen!

Still North Books - Hanover, NH

Still North was beautifully designed by Kate Whouley, Christine Hart & Allie Levy.

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