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Counter Systems

We've been making counter systems (aka cashwrap or point of sale) for years. 

50 years, in fact. 


In addition to making counter systems out of numerus different materials, we've also made all kinds of custom units. No request is too strange or too difficult.  

We're pros at this. Call us and let us help you.

Our credentials include:

  • Building a POS unit to look like the USS Constitution

  • Affixing cast iron onto the front

  • Affixing whiskey oak barrels pieces onto the front

  • Building a POS to look like a card catalog fixture

  • Making a diorama space in the middle of a POS for tiny customers

  • Making a secret space in a POS for even tinier (plush) creatures

  • Making chain retail POS units

  • Making a custom circular POS unit around an existing electrical beam

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