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Glass, Metal & Combination Fixtures

Glass Fixtures

Glass fixtures and accessories maximize product visibility, value and security. Options include moulding, steel and wood frames, frameless designs, and acrylic in lieu of glass.

Shown is a custom display table using clear, low-iron tempered glass w/ a non-reflective top, fabric-covered glass front pull-outs, all over a beautifully custom stained table. See this beautiful table for yourself at Hillwood Museum and Estates in Washington, D.C. 

Hillwood display table
Metal Fixtures

Metal fixtures are strong, inexpensive and flexible, offering a limitless variety of display options. You have the option of an all-metal fixture or a metal-wood combination fixture.

The FranklinFlex design system adds additional wood and/or laminate components to metal fixtures to enhance the visual appeal and create an integrated look in your store. 

Opto_Canyon Ranch

Using a mix of metal, wood, laminate, and acrylics plus amazing engineering knowledge, Opto displays are innovative retail fixture and display solutions that bring your unique vision to life. Scroll through the images below for a sampling.