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Rolling Ladders

Rolling ladder systems offer a practical solution for accessing overstock shelves. Whether you're looking for the perfect touch of sophistication, rustic charm, or contemporary elegance, these ladders will elevate your store. Explore the collection today and find the ideal combination of style and finish to transform your vision into reality.

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Where to Start...

To begin we suggest downloading the Rolling Ladder Look Book and taking your time reviewing all the different styles and options. 

  • Do you want to recreate Belle bookshop moments? Then you'll want the Classic No. 1 ladder. A bestseller!

  • Do you prefer a ladder that locks in place the moment you step on it or a super quiet rolling ladder? Then you'll want the Quiet Glide.

  • Do you have a modern or industrial theme you'd like to match? The ALTA metal + wood ladder would be your best choice.

  • Do you want a ladder but are nearing the end of your budget? The Meadow Lane hook ladder fills that need perfectly with its simplistic beauty.


Once you've selected your perfect ladder, let your Project Manager know. They'll review your selections to make sure everything matches the rest of your store's fixtures. We can incorporate your new ladder system into any of our case styles, as well as on wall tables – or a mix of the two. Additionally, we can stain or paint to match your ladder with your new Franklin fixtures. 

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Classic No. 1 Ladder

Classic & Vintage

11 Wood Species

8 Hardware Finishes

2 Wheel Styles

2 Roller Types


Quiet Glide

Contemporary & Quiet

10 Wood Species

6 Hardware Finishes

4 Wheel Styles

3 Roller Types



Metal + Wood

3 Metal Finishes

5 Wood Species

1 Wheel Style

2 Roller Types


Meadow Lane

Simple Beauty + Value

2 Wood Species

4 Hardware Finishes

1 Wheel Style

Top Hook

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