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America Becoming:
Framing Our Declaration of Interdependence

Dive into a podcast with Lisa Uhrik as she discusses her book, America Becoming,  the maturity of America and the framing of our interdependence

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Summary: Viewed through the lens of developmental psychology, the United States can be seen as a late-stage adolescent as opposed to a nation in decline. This analogy may help explain some of the recent vicissitudes in American popular and political culture, and theories of developmental psychology may help chart a path toward reducing polarization. 

They've been saying that America is in trouble for a long time. But what if we're not? What if we're at the precipice of becoming the kind of nation we want to be?


In human terms, America is one great big teenager. Egocentric, immortal, loud, proud, irreverent, and obsessively casual, we have spent an excessive amount of time taking selfies, trying to figure out who we are. Today, our mission is to survive America's angsty and rebellious teen years without crashing the car, burning down the house, or destroying our reputation. It's time to define who we want to be as an adult nation, moving from a world of navel-gazing and mistrust toward mental, emotional, and spiritual adulthood. Toddlers make declarations of independence, and teens live them out. But adults find love, meaning, and connection through Declarations of Interdependence. Use this book as a personal or group workbook, using the READ3 framework to refine your personal manifesto-your own Declarations of Interdependence for yourself, your family, and your community.


"By viewing American history through the lens of developmental psychology, America Becoming serves as a workbook for all of us trying to create a more perfect union." -Gray Sasser, Executive Director, Vanderbilt Project on Unity & American Democracy


"If you are concerned about the lack of civil discourse and direction in society today, this book is for you! America Becoming is a compelling read that combines a fresh perspective on America's history, learning-development theory, and a READ3 model for building community. Uhrik's unique approach provides a developmental understanding of America's past and a practical path toward developing a sustainable and healthy society. She challenges the reader to reframe how they think about our nation and how to positively act for a better future." -C. Schueman, Executive Director, IMPACT Leadership

"In America Becoming, Lisa Uhrik catalyzes important conversations as she endeavors to make sense of turbulent times. Uhrik draws insightful parallels between our collective and individual needs for connection and collaboration. She offers a roadmap to navigate an uncertain but promising future. Highly recommended." -David Avrin, author of The Morning Huddle


At seventeen, Lisa C. Uhrik first gave her "Pledge to America" speech, garnering her well more than fifteen minutes of fame. Delivering her speech hundreds of times, Lisa's love for development blossomed between the folding chairs and podiums. Honored often in a broad-spanning career, Lisa's expertise on individual and collective development has made her a highly sought thought leader. Known for fresh, intriguing connections, Lisa finds inspiration in the love of a big, blended family. Lisa and her husband, Dave, are literacy ambassadors and fearless small-business advocates who believe that manufacturing is sexy. The couple and their four well-loved dogs contemplate all that gratitude can bring.

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