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Terrace Books

You've got a big, beautiful idea. And it's likely that you have hit obstacles that feel like hungry lions, tricky tigers and ominous-looking bears.  You need help to keep your shirt and your sanity as you bring your big idea to reality.

The folks at Franklin Fixtures have the experience, innovative solutions and heart to make your store one of finest in the land. We help you hit the easy button often, especially as you make your first hires: your silent sales staff (the display fixtures and shelves) that will frame a long-term path of success.


With Franklin, you'll have one of the top performing stores in the country – and people will love being part of your big, beautiful idea.

  • To make the world a better place through fixtures that support reading, connecting as community, and feeding local economies. 

  • To remove barriers so that people can do the good things they want to do in physical spaces.    

  • To continue to make the best book displays in the world at affordable prices through world class, lean manufacturing.  

  • To work sustainably with happy people, reclaimed materials, solar power and "forever fixture" designs that serve generations. 

  • To be ridiculously nice -- and easy -- to work with. 

Our Vision
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We make the most effective book displays in the world. And we do it in our lean manufacturing facility using solar power and reclaimed materials ... while being a second chance employer, championing employees in local recovery programs.


Since 1974, we've been the gold standard in retail display fixtures – retail display shelves, tables, display cabinets, bookcases, work counters, gondolas, micro markets, slatwall and more. Independent retailers who bought our products 30 years ago are still using them. We enjoy being part of that kind of success. ​

Made in America with sustainable, green methods and materials by skilled people in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. We're growing craftsmen, growing stores and growing communities.


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Community Partnership

We're proud to be a Certified Employer with Empower Upper Cumberland & Workforce Connections. 

Certified Employers are companies that support the Empower program, provide employee benefits, offer a liveable wage, foster growth opportunities, and have completed a poverty-based education training program.

What is Empower UC? Based on the region-wide mission to lift 1,600 children and their families out of poverty by 2025, Empower Upper Cumberland (Empower UC) is comprised of key regional partners, including Cookeville Regional Charitable Foundation, Highlands Economic Partnership, Tennessee Tech University, Upper Cumberland Development District, Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency, Upper Cumberland Local Workforce Development Board, and WCTE Central TN PBS.

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