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Every single order we do goes somewhere important, somewhere that daily lives are just a bit better because they can find a book or a sense of community. 


That’s what we do: we build spaces for strong communities. 

The spaces we create are for churches, bookstores, libraries, colleges and museums... spaces for people to come together over coffee in cafes and break rooms. We teach people how to create safe and inviting spaces for community. Think about your favorite spot inside or out it's got some qualities that make it "work." Those are the same sorts of qualities that we're helping people create with the help of our fixtures. 


We'd love to share with you some of the spaces we've created. Scroll down to read about them and see the incredible photos of these beautiful community spaces. 

Lisa Uhrik



Still North
Books & Bar

Flutterby Lane fixtures

Flutterby Lane 

Case sign & fixtures

Smoky Mountain Knife Works

Sewanee Chapel.jpg

Sewanee: Univ. 
of the South


Story & Song Bookstore & Bistro

Rough Draft bar blue winerack.jpg

Story on the Square


Magic City Books


An Unlikely Story

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