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Bespoke Kegerators, Signs & More!

You know we offer bespoke fixtures in any size, shape, material or finish, but did you know we also offer bespoke kegerators (Yes! That's a thing!), signs and other branded items?

Knowing that your space needs to reflect all that is uniquely you, we have been building an amazing partner network of talented artisans, located right here in Tennessee. Like Fair Trade partners in other parts of the world, we've pulled these local artists into the fold to help them find their way to your store and space. And they have the support of Franklin Fixtures to ensure that the engineering, safety and quality is the world's best.  

Our sign and kegerator creator, Brian, has passion and drive. He thinks and works outside the box (he outfitted an old fire truck with taps, naming it a Thirst Responder w/ a Hydration Station!) and loves community gatherings and events. His passion is lies with small businesses, going from one unique project to the next. It sparks a joy in him when his unique pieces come to life and make community spaces better.

We invite you to scroll through the images below and get your creative mind going!

Bespoke Franklin_letters.png
Picnic Tap truck.jpg
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