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Flared Double Sided Cases

Flared double sided cases are great for floor display. They can stand alone, be arranged in rows, or extend out from walls or columns.

Most Common Size is 54" H x 48" W x 30" D

$546 in White Melamine. Includes 4 "T" and 4 "L" shelves with 6-1/2" usable shelf depth and 3" H shelf back.  Please contact us for pricing in other sizes, finishes, and configurations.

Fixtures can be ordered in nearly any combination of heights, widths, and depths. The depth of a fixture will affect the usable shelf depth of its shelves and occasionally the type of shelf which can be used.


  • Slatwall Interior Back

  • Slatwall End Panel

  • Open Top

  • Flat Bottom Shelf

  • Recessed Metal Standards