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Flared Cases

Flared cases are a classic choice for many bookstores. The flared bottom insures merchandise on the lower shelves is easily browsed by customers. They are the perfect choice for elegant design and maximum visibility. Flared cases come standard with a tipped bottom shelf and adjustable "T" and "L" shelves for enhanced merchandising capabilities.

Flared Single Sided Cases

Flared single sided cases are a ideal for perimeters and walls. There are many options that can be added to a flared single sided case to make them meet your specific retail needs.

Flared Double Sided Cases

Flared double sided cases are great for floor display. They can stand alone, be arranged in rows, or extend out from walls or columns.

Flared End Cap

Flared end caps can be used to finish off a row of double sided cases. They come standard with a finished back and its width matches the depth of the corresponding double sided cases