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Bespoke Hardwood Tables

Franklin Fixtures is proud to partner with Tyler Asher, a local artesian making Tennessee hardwood tables.

A community table in your bookstore, library or cafe space really promotes a sense of community, giving your space a warm, stable center. Think about it: that same type of space is created in our homes throughout the world.


Growing up, we ate together at the kitchen table every night.  We talked about our day, discussed any issues we had, and were entertained by dad's stories. Many families today don't do that, or do but only on special occasions. 

In choosing to make tables, I wanted to create something that allows people to make memories and bond closer. Since my kitchen table start, I've branched out into conference, community and display tables. They're made to manage book weights, invite game-playing at book clubs, and facilitate other types of gatherings and are constructed with only the best hardwoods from TN.

I love working with my hands, taking raw lumber and turning it into beautiful tables. My grandpa was a lumber grader for over 30 years; he passed down many secrets to me in regards to picking the best lumber. I go to the saw mill and personally pick every board to make sure it meets my standards. Everything I use to build is locally sourced within 50 miles of my home. Feel free to reach out with questions!

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