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Part of the secret sauce of successful Independent bookstores is YOU. You read, you curate and through your shelves, you hand sell every book. Developed by a bookseller, these shelf talkers keep things tidy while providing you an opportunity for personal messages to your customers.


Shelves are the silent sales force -- give your shelves the tools to do a great job. Available for ¾-inch & 1-inch thick shelves in 3 different Plexiglas models. 

Make your customized labels directly in the
Shelfwiz Shelf Talker Template Generator.

Creating a custom label couldn’t be any easier!

Shelf talkers orders generally take 3 days to process & arrive from the manufacturer via UPS or FedEx in 3-5 business days.

Shipping is $12 for the first dozen, $3 for each additional dozen. When placing an order via the website, shipping charges will be calculated inaccurately. Shipping overages will be refunded to your PayPal account before we process your order. Our apologies for this inconvenience. 

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Shelf Talker Tips

Do you find yourself wondering how best to use shelf talkers? Should you use shelf talkers for face out books or spine out? Is more or fewer better? Handwritten or typed? The list of questions continues ...

While there's no wrong way to use them, there are best practices. 

We recommend using them to highlight certain books, not to give a full description of each book your staff has read. A bookcase full of books with shelf talkers under each one is just too much to take in. It's visual overload and overwhelmed customers seek other places for their eyes to rest. 

We love this image from Still North Books. The shelf talkers are randomly distributed and positioned under both face out and spine out books. While there is a lot for the customer to take in, it's not overwhelming and allows casual browsing while still getting the talker information.


Regarding handwritten or typed, that's a store-specific answer.

  • Are you a retro shop?

  • Laid-back beach town shop?

  • University store?

  • Part of a chain of stores wanting to consistently brand?

  • Does someone on staff have beautiful handwriting you want to showcase?

  • Are your customers a bit older (or younger) and need easy-to-read cards?

  • Do you want to incorporate QR codes?


These are just some of the questions you'll need to consider to answer whether handwritten or typed cards are right for your store. 


Libraries, while not in the business of selling merchandise, provide a community service that SHELFWIZ is well equipped to manage. Librarians use SHELFWIZ to promote library and community events. Though libraries are often quiet places, SHELFWIZ shelftalkers speak loudly to patrons to and can provide a personality and ambience that libraries so often lack.

Libraries’ childrens’ departments report that SHELFWIZ guides their young readers to discover new books and keep track of books in series. School librarians say their students discover the joy of reading through creatively designed shelftalkers.


Shelfwiz provides a way for booksellers to highlight their recommended books neatly, legibly and unobtrusively. Besides creating their own book reviews and recommendations, many booksellers download the monthly Indienext, bookseller-written book reviews from the SHELFWIZ website or the website of the American Bookseller’s Association.

It is undeniable, as hundreds of booksellers will attest, that a neat, easy-to-read shelftalker can lift a book from obscurity to a bestseller while providing a boost to a bookseller’s sales. The Original Short and Compact Short models are also useful in bookstores for labeling categories or sub-categories.


If it’s on a shelf it generally won’t sell itself. A good salesperson can move the process along, but unfortunately he or she is not always available. SHELFWIZ shelftalkers in a retail environment provide that missing salesperson, and a shelftalker never gets tired of talking!

Wineries and bottle shops use shelftalkers to display industry and staff tasting notes, wine ratings and prices to help their customers find that perfect bottle.


Salons and barbershops thrive when they sell products along with their services. Successfully employ SHELFWIZ shelftalkers to inform your customers of the best product options available. Create attractive, easy-to-read signage that informs your customers of applications and uses of your products, product ingredients, current promotions, upcoming specials & new releases.

The SHELFWIZ Original size model has ample space to expand on a product’s ingredients and benefits. The Original Short and Compact Short to provide labels for spas and salons to group similar products and simplify their customers shopping experience.


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