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Part of the secret sauce of successful Independent bookstores is YOU. You read, you curate and through your shelves, you hand sell every book. Developed by a bookseller, these shelf talkers keep things tidy while providing you an opportunity for personal messages to your customers. Shelves are the silent sales force -- give your shelves the tools to do a great job. Available for ¾-inch & 1-inch shelves in 3 different Plexiglas models. 

Suggestion -- try one set of shelf talkers and see how effective they are!  You'll come back for more quickly because the business case is an easy and fast one. (scroll down for Talker Tips)


Shelf talkers have always been important -- but when shoppers are in masks there is an interiority that emerges, and the relationship between shopper and shelf is more significant than ever.

Make your customized labels directly in the Shelfwiz Shelf Talker Template Generator. Whether you are using Windows PC, Mac or a mobile device, creating a custom label couldn’t be any easier!

Shelf talkers orders generally take 3 days to process & arrive from the manufacturer via UPS or FedEx in 3-5 business days.

​**When placing an order via the website, shipping charges will be automatically calculated inaccurately. Shipping overage will be refunded to your PayPal account. Our apologies for this inconvenience.